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Jute Bags

A perfect nature gift.
Natural biodegradable, strong, reusable, foodgrade material perfectly suitable for carrybags, and other purposes at very economical cost.

We manufacture these burlap bags in all sizes and custom designs.

you will be part of go green movement with our range of jute bags, our jute bags includes jute shopping bag, jute carry bag, jute printed bag, embroidered jute bag, jute pouch bag, jute beach bag, jute executive bag, jute wine bottle bag. all our jute bag are designed with emerging trends.

Paper Bags

We are leading supplier of paper products. Our paper bag range includes flexi packaging bags, standard paper bags, custom design bags, recycled paper bags, paper boxes. we use different material like kraft paper, handmade paper, recycled paper based on your requirement. these paper bags are custom printed with your logo with superior quality. these paper bags are not only ecofriendly but alos reliable and elegant.


Cloth Bags.

We manufacture reusable cloth shopping bags made from cotton and cora cloth which is 100% bidegradable and eco friendly, our cloth bags are cutomizable based on your requirements.

Cloth bags is the perfect replacement for dangerous plastic bags and non owen cloth bags (chine jute bags) which are made of polymer.

These eco friendly cloth bags can used for variety of applications like, cloth shopping bags, cloth carry bag, grocey cloth bag, cloth draw string bag, cloth back pack bag. tote handle bag.

Cotton cloth bags and kora cloth bags are best alternative for Plastic killing of human nature.

we are the best cloth bag supplier in bangalore, india, with the best quality and price competetive products is our speciality.

we customize bags to your requirement and sizes and various type of clothing material. we manufacture cloth bags and we have good capacity to meet your needs.

cloth bags is the best alternative to kill the plastic bags.

For queries and prices, as well as for bulk orders write to

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